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LodgingIndex is a website that advertises hotel properties for sale.  We advertise them on behalf of sellers directly,
and on behalf of smaller commercial brokers who are seeking additional exposure for their listed properties.  
We have a variety of properties being advertised, in virtually every price range.  Whether you're just starting out,
or looking to add to an existing portfolio, there is something for everyone.

Check them out!

There is something for everyone! Old or New, Franchised or Independent, Urban or Country, Large or Small, Interior or Exterior Corridor, North South East or West, the inventory is always changing so check back frequently!!!

If you're Buying: You can shop for and compare properties-for-sale, on-line.  Be sure to check back
frequently as the inventory is always changing.

If you're Selling: You can advertise your property-for-sale on LodgingIndex.  Your property will be marketed,
and prospective hotel buyers from a worldwide audience will be directed to this site and to your
advertisement as a result of our extensive marketing efforts.

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For any other information regarding our services, please contact us via using the "Contact" button below,
or by sending an email directly to info@lodgingindex.com

LodgingIndex Copyright © 2002

LodgingIndex provides Advertisement and Marketing Services only.  LodgingIndex and its representatives
are not licensed real estate agents or brokers, and do not provide any services in that capacity.

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